Conspiracy #754: Michelle Bachmann Is A Muslim!

After a couple years of ┬áMichelle Bachmann stating that the Muslim Brotherhood was taking over the White House and several other DC entities, Michelle Bachmann has finally come out of the Muslim closet stating “I tried to get all the complete idiots in the United States to believe that President Obama was a Muslim for so long, when in fact, I was a secret Muslim the whole time. SUCK ON THAT! IDIOT TEA PARTY MEMBERS!”

The Tea Party is heart broken over this sudden Michelle “Osama” Bachmann coming out as Muslim-Gate stating “We knew she was bat-shit insane and that’s why we invited her into the party but we never imagined she was a Muslim. What are we going to do now? Who will take her place as bat-shit insane #2?”

We looked into this issue and found out that all members of the Tea Party are bat-shit insane so there is a gigantic list of people who could take the place of Michelle Bachmann.

So, Conspiracy Theory #754 has been Answered. Is Michelle Bachmann a secret Muslim? YES! She’s also bat-shit insane!